What To Do If You Lost Driving Licence In The UK?

What To Do If You Lost Driving Licence In The UK?

A driving licence is an essential document you require if you want to use a vehicle on the road. It can allow you to transport easily without worrying about fines. You should also have the licence with you to avoid multiple legal issues if you get into an accident.

However, losing a driving licence is also relatively easy. It may get stolen with your wallet or purse at different places. You may also forget it somewhere if you keep it in your pocket. If you want to know what to do after losing your driver’s licence, here’s what you need to know.


What To Do If You Lost Driving Licence?


Here are the top things to do after losing your driving licence in the UK:


  1. Inform The Police And DVLA


A lost driving licence may not be a big deal to you, so you may decide not to report it before getting a new one. However, that will be a mistake. Many people suffer from identity theft and other issues because of lost driving licences. Anyone who gets the document will know some of your essential personal details.

It may also link you to a crime if the driving licence is found at a crime scene. This is why the first thing you must do is report your stolen or lost driving licence to the police. You may also get your card back easily if you inform the police. Reporting the lost item to the DVLA is essential for a smooth replacement process.


  1. Understand The Different Types


Many people don’t know that there are multiple types of driving licences. You can easily get confused when applying for a replacement online or on the phone. So you must understand the different types after losing your licence and before getting a new one.

You can get two types in the UK: a paper driving licence or a picture card. You must have an authentic British passport to apply for the former type. If you don’t have that, you can use an alternative identification document to prove your residing location in the country for the last three years. 

Meanwhile, you can replace a photo card by mailing the DVLA your picture through a courier service or online platform. The quickest way is to get a replacement for a paper licence. It will help you get a new document within seven days.


  1. Apply For The Licence


After knowing the type you want, you must apply for the licence. You can post relevant documents to the DVLA or fill online application. However, it is best to use a service provider. Driving Help can assist you in getting a replacement for a lost driving licence.

We help you fill out the application correctly and ensure that it is error-free before submitting it to the DVLA. So you will not have to worry about your application getting rejected or unnecessary delays. Our fast and reasonable service is why many people choose us to replace their lost driving licences.


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This is everything you need to know about getting a replacement for a lost driving licence in the UK. If you want a new licence, you should use Driving Help for the application.

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