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Driving help: Easy replacement of UK driving licence

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is in charge of driver registration and licensing in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, they also manage car registration and licensing and the collection and enforcement of vehicle excise duty (VED). To make licence application and replacement more accessible and faster Driving Help company was founded. 

Driving Help provides a turnkey solution to assist you with any administrative procedure in the UK with on-demand virtual assistants (online licence applications). They can help you with your Driving Licence applications, replace a lost, stolen, or damaged licence, and protect your Licence. And also assist you with any Driving Legal issue, provide real-time access to your penalty point, and benefit from exclusive discounts on a variety of car-related products and services.

Our simple step-by-step solution to apply, renew and replace your UK Driving Licence

  • To access any of our services, kindly click on, where you will be directed to our website, and a multiservice Virtual Assistant will be accessible to assist you with any administrative procedure in the United Kingdom, acting on your behalf and helping you with all of your administrative responsibilities. 
  • Using our services, you can rest assured that Driver Help will properly examine your application for errors or omissions before being submitted to the DVLA. It guarantees that your application is finished as soon as possible and with the least delay possible. Please keep in mind that Driving Help is not affiliated with the government. We only help you submit your application to fast-track the collection and reduce fees through the UK Government website or the DVLA.
  • Licence Services covers any loss or theft of a driver’s licence. If you lose your driver’s licence, we offer unlimited replacements. We will apply for a new driver’s licence on your behalf once we have received notification of your request; we will cover DVLA fees.
  • If you are involved in a driving licence dispute and need to file a lawsuit, or if you have any other legal issues, Driving Help can assist you.
  • Our rates include unrestricted access to a responsive customer service team that will respond to any of your questions quickly.
  • Our SMS Messaging Service will notify you of the current status of your Driving Licence’s points at the end of each month.

Replacement of driving licence

Use Driving Help to make the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged licence easier. In case of a stolen driver’s licence, you will need to report it to the police before applying for a new one. 

To replace your licence you must do the following; be a resident of the United Kingdom, must not be barred from driving for whatever reason. Also, the addresses where you’ve lived over the past three years are needed, and you have to pay a token online using your Visa or Master card. You will also be asked for basic details like your driving licence number, National Insurance number, and passport number, which Driving Help will send to the DVLA for processing.

Driving Help is the middle man between the people who need a driver’s licence and the DVLA. Their primary objective is to make licence applications faster and a lot easier at a much more affordable rate, so it is safe to say Driving Help is people-centered. Why not try it today and make licence applications stress-free and faster at a pocket-friendly rate. 

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