Renew Your Drivers License Online

Renew Your Drivers Licence Online

A driver’s licence is a highly valuable and important document, not just because it provides the holder with legality to drive a vehicle, but also because of its purpose as a means of identification. However, these licences do not last forever, and you would need to renew them every few years to ensure they maintain their legality.


In the United Kingdom, you should renew your driver’s licence every ten years until the age of 70, after which it must be updated every three years. You can easily check for the expiry date of your licence through the expiry date that is printed on the card. 

Renewing your driving licence is vital if you want to continue driving on British roads because you can not drive with an expired licence. 


This is illegal and you can end up with a £1000 fine as well as difficulties in the future with your car insurance. Apart from providing you with a renewed legitimacy to ply the British roads, renewing your licence also provides additional security, with continuous innovations in anti-fraudulent technology that help to prevent driving licence impersonation. 


How To Renew Drivers Licence Online


There are two primary ways you can renew your driving licence:

The first is by post. About two months before your licence needs to be renewed, you should receive a form from the DVLA. You should fill out his form, take it to your local Post Office branch and renew it there. When you get there, you will pay a fee and have your application checked through to ensure it is up to DLVA standards. 

The alternative method is to renew your driver’s licence ONLINE:


You’d need a valid UK passport, your address history over the last three years, your current driving licence (if you don’t have it, you will be asked why), your national insurance number, and you would need to be a legal resident of Great Britain. You can apply through the DVLA’s official website, but an easier and more efficient way is through Driving Help UK. Driving Help UK offers several great benefits when you renew your driver’s licence online. 


These include:


  1. Application Services: 


We have a set of simple steps you can take to apply for, replace, or renew your driver’s licence online. When you choose to use our services, your application will be examined thoroughly to get rid of any omissions or mistakes before it is processed to the DVLA. This will ensure that your application is completed without any delay. 


  1. Virtual Assistants: 


Throughout the process of your application, you will have support through a multiservice Virtual Assistant who will help you in performing all your admin tasks.


  1. Licence Protection: 


Our services also cover any thefts or losses of your driver’s licence. If you lose your driver’s licence, we also offer an unlimited amount of replacements. After you inform us about your need for a replacement, we will apply for a new licence for you, with all the DVLA fees on us.


  1. Legal Issues: 


We can also help you through any disputes with your driver’s licence or if you need to file a lawsuit. Any legal issue relating to your driver’s licence, we’ll be there to back you up.


  1. Customer Support: 


We also provide excellent customer support to help you out with any inquiries you have about our services and the process to renew a driver’s licence online. 


  1. Integrity: 


We want to ensure you get the best out of your money. This is why we have several great discounts to help with your specific lifestyle. We work together with a couple of retailers to provide you with exclusive deals on some great car-related services and products. 


  1. Penalty Points: 


We also give you access to your penalty points in real-time. Our messaging service will inform you at the end of each month of the current amount of driver’s licence points you have. 


Driving Help UK charges £81 without any hidden costs, and you have to pay with a Mastercard or Visa card. You can renew your driver’s licence, change the address on your licence, replace a licence that was stolen, lost, or damaged, or even apply for your first provisional licence. 


Why Is Renewing Your Licence Online So Great?


Every motorist in Britain must renew their driving licence every ten years, but a large percentage of people don’t even know that they can renew their licences online. However, the renewal of driving licences online has grown in popularity in recent years, with millions of people using this method in 2021. So, why are so many people switching to this method of renewing their driver’s licences? 


For starters, it is much quicker than applying through the post. You can access our driver’s licence renewal service every day, 24 hours a day through our website. The user-friendly interface was specially designed to help customers apply with ease, and it takes just a few minutes for you to complete. Once you have submitted your licence application, you should get your new licence in about a week. This is significantly faster than when you apply by paper. 


Our online service has also been designed and tested with the specific aim of ensuring that your application process is free from any hassles. You will receive guidance throughout your application process, and you are duly informed of all the requirements you need before you even start. So, if you need to renew your driver’s licence online, Driving Help UK is the best choice for you.

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