Renew provisional driving licence

Renew provisional driving licence 

Finding an agency that can help you respond to issues as regard securing or renewing your provisional driver’s licence is sometimes a necessity. At Driving Help, we help you bear the stress and burden that may be involved in this process. 

Things to know before renewing your provisional driving licence

In the UK, the issue of owning a car and driving a car is exciting to many people. Interestingly, one of the dreams of many individuals in the United Kingdom is to own a car, and of course, it is a good thing because it has a way of making life better and easier. While some love to own and drive a car for the sake of convenience, others love to drive for the fun of it.

But irrespective of your motive we all know that before you can drive in the UK like in every other country, you would have to get a government-approved licence that qualifies you to drive. Whether it is driving a car or a trailer or a motorcycle you would need to get a licence. Without this licence, it would be a criminal offense to drive on major roads in the UK. 

Beyond getting to know about the provisional driving licence, it needs to be renewed periodically. However provisional licence as the name suggests is temporary, it is not permanent and it is given to individuals pending the time they obtain a permanent driving licence. 

This type of licence permits driving everywhere except UK motorways. Individuals who possess this can use it pending the time they perfect their driving skills or are ready to get a full or permanent driving licence. It is usually the first licence issued before any other licence is issued. The government agency saddled with the responsibility of issuance and renewal of the driving licence is the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The agency is under the ministry of transport.

But one of the questions that are often asked by individuals who wish to obtain a provisional driving licence is about its requirements.  In the United Kingdom, individuals are eligible to obtain a provisional driving licence once that individual is up to 15 years, 9 months. This is the government-approved age.

But then, even after obtaining a provisional licence as a 15-year-old or 16-year-old, you are still not allowed to drive or be taught to drive. With the provisional driving licence, learning to drive starts at the age of 17 years. You are taught how to drive at that age and allowed to drive under supervision.

Also as part of the requirement for obtaining a provisional licence, the individual must pass an eye screening test(Reading plate number at 20m) 

In addition to these, you must have spent over 185 days in the United Kingdom. These criteria qualify an individual for a provisional driving licence. It is not just enough to have a provisional driving licence, it is also important to renew it so you can continue to enjoy the benefit that comes with the issuance of the licence. And so renewal is a must to continue to enjoy these benefits.

The need for renewal

Once the provisional driving licence has been granted, it is important to know some basic facts about the renewal of the provisional driving licence. First and foremost, a provisional driving licence can only be used till you are 70 years old. But ultimately it is renewed every 10 years. So you should have it in the back of your mind that you would need to do the renewal of the provisional driving licence every 10 years until you transition to the full licence. But as long as you use it, you would have to renew it every 10 years.

Criteria for renewal

Just as there are requirements first to obtain a provisional driving licence, there are also some requirements involved in the renewal of a provisional driving licence. Although, these requirements are kind of similar to the requirements at first there are some minor variations.

One of the requirements for obtaining the renewal of a provisional driving licence is to pass the eye test again. This test, just as mentioned, involves reading a plate number about 20m away. Apart from the eye test, you would have to submit your ID, and also drop the list of addresses you have stayed for the last 3 years since you got the initial licence. All these would be submitted to the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

It is worth pointing out that for individuals just learning to drive, the expiry date is way different. It is just 2 years. This is because it is mostly assumed that they are majorly students just finishing high school and eager to get into University usually at the age of 17. So after passing the theory aspect of the test, you would be qualified to write the practical exam with a window period of 2 years, after 2 years, it expires again and then you may have to restart the procedure again.

At Driving Help

One of the things we love doing as an organization is helping people sort out any issues relating to driving licences and other related car services. We understand how much you value your car and we are here to help you, particularly in the area of renewing your provisional driver’s licence. The truth of the matter is it could be sometimes frustrating to sort out your provisional driver’s licence, but with the help of an expert like us, you get over this in no time. 

We can do this because we have experienced doing this for some time now, and you can be sure that you would not be disappointed. We help you apply, process and sometimes provide training as when due. We help our clients in the UK secure their provisional driver’s licence and for those who wish to renew we also. We provide the information required and the expert advice needed in case there is a need for it. You can count on us because just as we said earlier, we love doing this and we have done this for many. Yours won’t be an exception, contact us today!!

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