How do you change the address on your UK driving licence?

How do you change the address on your UK driving licence?

Most persons find it difficult to change the address in their UK driving licence, in situations like this, Driving Help comes to your aid.


What is Driving Help?


Driving Help is a website that provides essential driving tips, updates, pros and cons.

With the digital progression of the world and evolving technology, this address change can be done online rather than through the post.

Driving Help is going to guide you through the process of changing addresses. It is not necessary to change the address if your former address is still your permanent residential address.

They’re various steps in changing address and this is done through the DVLA, Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency. 

Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency made the change of address in the driver’s licence free, fees are attached when one wants to change passport photograph or require a new logbook.


There are various prerequisites before one can be qualified to change the address in a UK driving licence. 


  • You must not be banned from driving.
  • You must be a UK citizen.
  • Must be the owner of a full or provisional driving licence.
  • Must have your old driver’s licence, containing your licence number, National Insurance and Passport number.
  • Must be able to be accountable for your residential address for the past three years.


You can change the address on your UK driving licence through the following methods:

  • Changing through the online means.
  • Through Post.
  • Through Logbook and Direct Debit.

To change the address on your UK driving licence, use our service today!

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